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Friday, September 30, 2011

Red-Work in Place

I finally put the red-work his and hers pillowcases on my bed along with the set of redwork sheets that my mother did a few years back. My stitchery really reveals my lack of talent compared to hers, but I plan to keep at it, and maybe one day mine will be comparable.

If you click on the bottom picture it will enlarge and you will see the curtains Mom red-worked too.

You can't really see them that well but you get a feel for their element here. Red's been my favorite color for a long time, ever since I out grew that Donny Osmond purple phase in my teens. I've always loved redwork too. So in between sewing, painting, reading, kayaking, collage, and all of those other hobbies I don't have time to do justice to, I hope to do more embroidery, especially in shades of red.


  1. Your quilt is just lovely. I'm particularly partial to red and white in quilts since red is my favourite colour too. Hmnnnnn maybe a red and white quilt should be on my 2012 list?

  2. I've never done red-work but I think it's charming. If you keep it up you won't be able to help but get better and better at it.