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Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

I'm joining the Pyjama lady's linky party today to share one of my favorite things. I decided to share my little vintage elf collection, mainly because I already had pictures on my computer. However, I do love these little guys. They are so whimsical and just make me smile whenever I see them.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Southern Staple

It was brought to my attention lately that pimento and cheese is mostly a southern dish. Oh, how I pity the rest of the world! You really don't know what you are missing! I wanted to include a recipe, but I don't measure anything, and I rarely make it the same way twice. I'm going to try to remember to measure everything next time, but I'm sure you can google it and find a suitable version.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


What is it that makes stuff speak to us? Why do some collect coins and others whimsical paintings? I don't know. It seems everything speaks to me. Kinda scary, huh? I collect so many different things for so many different reasons, and I can't even explain it all, not even to myself. I
have sentimental feelings about some things like little vintage planters. There used to be a little duck that sat in our bathroom on a shelf when I was growing up. Once my mom told me that she had bought it with the first money she earned herself. Well, ever since then little planters connect some way in my head with family, memories, and mine and my mother's childhood. So if you come to my home you will find them scattered throughout my house, if I'm not mistaken in every room. I just took a mental inventory, and yes, they are in every room.

I've been a little under the weather lately, and my husband made a trip to Atlanta with our son. They, along with Luci, visited some thrift, antique, and junk stores. (Hey we all have that addiction, what can I say?) Anyway, he brought me the sweetest sickness present. In one of the shops they went to he found three precious little planters.

I have to confess he called and told me he was bringing me a little gift and I figured he was pulling a prank of some sort, you know, buying something for himself and pretending that it was for me. I asked him on the phone what was it, a fishing rod or a gun? When he came in with three pretty little packages all wrapped up I kinda felt like a heel, but in my defense, you just never know with him. Aren't they cute?

Now here is another of my collections that has grown lately. Luci sent me three of these juicers in a Poor Mindy box. (It was loaded with all sorts of goodies, like vintage paper dolls for the kids and heirloom sewing patterns. Don't you wish you were Poor Mindy?)

I don't know what started me on the juicers. Sometimes something so basic and useful and reminiscent of a simpler time just makes me feel good.

These have been stashed away in various cupboards and cabinets and when I pulled them all out and put them together I was surprised to find that there are nine of them. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more show up later. Things tend to hide around here.

So what about you? What do you collect and why do you collect it?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sewing and Sweet Dedication

Sunday was a special day. My daughter and her husband had baby Thumper dedicated to the Lord in the morning service. Of course, in their hearts this dedication took place as soon as they knew they were expecting.

I wish I would have taken a picture of the whole family, but with five kids it's hard to get everyone together.

I've been having more fun with Laurie Wisbrun's fabric line Pooches and Pickups. I love the way these turned out. I can't wait to see them on a couple of my precious little grandsons. I'll try to get pictures with them wearing them, but I'm making no promises.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toddler Camp

While the big kids were at camp the little ones camped out at our house a couple of days. We called it Toddler Camp.

Baby Dino came in sporting his new summer hairdo. He looks so much older.

Sweet Cheeks was so mothering to Dino. He woke up one morning and didn't know where he was. He cried and she said, "Come here, Sweetie. Are you scared? Come here and let me hug you." He did, and then calmed right down. It was so precious!

I was amazed that as soon as she was the oldest child in the house, she stepped right into the role of big sister.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick P.J.s

The girls are going to camp and needed new pajamas. We looked around and they saw several they liked, but Angel Eyes flattered me by saying, "Mimi, you could make us some! That would be really cool!" Obviously, she isn't aware that my sewing skills still leave much to be desired, and I'm so glad because it just makes my heart sing when they get so excited about anything I make especially for them.

I needed a simple pattern because I had two pair to make and not a lot of time to make them. I looked through my patterns and decided to use this sundress pattern to make the tops and just make a little pair of bloomers to go with them.

I had some vintage Daisy Kingdom fabric that has been

in my stash for years, and I have no idea where I obtained it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sewing for Boys, and a Bit of a Quilt

Sewing for little girls is easy. There is so much to choose from, and no matter what your skill level you can find cute fabrics and patterns that make your efforts really rewarding. However, if you are a semi-beginner, like I would consider myself, it's really hard to try your hand at something for little boys.

When I saw this Laurie Wisbrun line for Robert Kaufman called Pooches & Pickups, I just knew I had to figure something I could pull off for my grandsons. This my first attempt. Isn't my little model adorable?

Such a charming little guy, and so funny and loving.

I've also been working on a quilt in little snatches of time when I should be cleaning house or cooking.
Here is a square from it. I can't wait to get it finished! I'm really not very good at sewing in small increments of time. Once I start on something I want to keep at it until it's finished. (This only goes for sewing, painting, or reading. Sadly things like housework I'm perfectly content to let slide.)