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Saturday, July 23, 2011


What is it that makes stuff speak to us? Why do some collect coins and others whimsical paintings? I don't know. It seems everything speaks to me. Kinda scary, huh? I collect so many different things for so many different reasons, and I can't even explain it all, not even to myself. I
have sentimental feelings about some things like little vintage planters. There used to be a little duck that sat in our bathroom on a shelf when I was growing up. Once my mom told me that she had bought it with the first money she earned herself. Well, ever since then little planters connect some way in my head with family, memories, and mine and my mother's childhood. So if you come to my home you will find them scattered throughout my house, if I'm not mistaken in every room. I just took a mental inventory, and yes, they are in every room.

I've been a little under the weather lately, and my husband made a trip to Atlanta with our son. They, along with Luci, visited some thrift, antique, and junk stores. (Hey we all have that addiction, what can I say?) Anyway, he brought me the sweetest sickness present. In one of the shops they went to he found three precious little planters.

I have to confess he called and told me he was bringing me a little gift and I figured he was pulling a prank of some sort, you know, buying something for himself and pretending that it was for me. I asked him on the phone what was it, a fishing rod or a gun? When he came in with three pretty little packages all wrapped up I kinda felt like a heel, but in my defense, you just never know with him. Aren't they cute?

Now here is another of my collections that has grown lately. Luci sent me three of these juicers in a Poor Mindy box. (It was loaded with all sorts of goodies, like vintage paper dolls for the kids and heirloom sewing patterns. Don't you wish you were Poor Mindy?)

I don't know what started me on the juicers. Sometimes something so basic and useful and reminiscent of a simpler time just makes me feel good.

These have been stashed away in various cupboards and cabinets and when I pulled them all out and put them together I was surprised to find that there are nine of them. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more show up later. Things tend to hide around here.

So what about you? What do you collect and why do you collect it?


  1. Well I am not a big collector but I have realized since deciding to sell our home that I have too much stuff! I am getting rid of a little every day. I LOVE your collections. Your hubby is a lot like mine. I think the same thing when he says he has bought me things. What is really funny is when he says, do you remember that pistol that I bought you??? I say huh???

  2. Oh my goodness Mindy-I collect juicers too and have about 30 of them! Glass juicers are just so pretty and I guess they're functional too. I started collecting them because nobody else did !

    I collect fabric too...there really is no hope for me.

    Love your get well present!

  3. In your defense, I am shocked by Pop also....he's always a cut-up too, so I was thinkng a prank!

    We collect Bama stuff!!! I collect turtles. One of my aunts used too, and after she passed away, I inherited hers. We also collect fridge magnets from the places we visit!

  4. I collect... crumbs on the floor and dust on the furniture, lol! But I have started a collection of glass pitchers, lanterns, and antique plates.

    I love all of your collections, they are so sweet. Everytime I walk into a room, and I see one of the peices to your collections, it makes me smile. I know how special all of your peices are to you.