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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yayyy for Spring and Being Out of Doors!

Please, don't tell us we have to go inside! It's sooo nice out today!

It's spring and love is in the air,

but it can bring out a little of the stinker in some,

there are kids smiling,

flowers blooming,

and nature's beauty is just showing off everywhere!

Even the dirt is better this time of year!

Don't tell Baby Dino or his daddy, but that's a Barbie fishing pole!

We're even clowning around after the sun goes down.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What to do When Your Siblings Aren't Home

Lonely? Can't find someone to play with?

Try this...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Picnic Wedding Shower

My niece is getting married soon, and I wanted to give her a bridal shower to remember. And for as long as I can remember she has loved picnics, so what better theme than a picnic shower.

The sign they are holding says, "We're getting hitched." it doesn't really show up in the picture.

For you regular readers, no, I haven't figured out my new camera yet, but it's on my to do list, by the way where did I put that list? Never mind.

God blessed us with another beautiful evening which made this time all the more special. I love it when we actually have a spring. It doesn't always happen here. Sometimes we jump right straight from winter into summer.

Gingham was the fabric of the day, what else for a picnic? It is by far my favorite of all fabrics, and I would love to own bolts of it, wouldn't you?

See that really large pickle jar on the table? My mother used to fill it up with chocolate chip cookies at Christmas time. I mean full to the brim! They didn't last long once she gave us the green light for eating them. Remember, I had four brothers so I didn't finish off the jar alone, but I probably could have. They were delicious cookies! Especially when she would put peanuts in them!

The little gingham flowers on the branches were made like the ones my daughter-in-law made for my daughter's shower earlier this week. They were made from a tutorial found here, but be very careful if you try them. I have a big ugly blister where I burned myself with hot glue, OUCH!

When everyone began to arrive I began to get excited, and hungry! I told you we have excellent cooks in our family!

The happy bride and groom to be, aren't they cute? Yeah, I think so too!

Our family keeps growing, so much so that it would probably take a panoramic lens and a magician to get us all into one photograph. So we just divide and conquer. A little here..

and a little there, and there still are a few missing.

No my sister-in-law is not smoking, or giving the peace sign. Maybe she's impersonating Nixon. No, I guess not, it's only one hand. I'll ask her later.

Can you tell I love sweets? I didn't get any close ups of the real food, but I promise it was there: hamburgers, over the top mac and cheese, fried dill pickles, and potato salad.

That's in addition to all of the sweets you see here. There was supposed to be an appetizer too, but someone forgot to put it out. I won't call any names, and nobody else better rat me out either!

Dusk began to settle so we lit the lanterns and tried to create a little ambiance.

Then it was time for a little gift giving,

and a little swooning.

I won't bore you with each and every gift, but there was some good stuff there.

And these youngsters are the parents of the bride. Now be honest, they don't look old enough to have a daughter getting married now do they?

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Garden Party Baby Shower

I am expecting my 8th grandchild in a couple of months, and we celebrated this occasion this week with a baby shower. The weather cooperated in a most pleasant way, and we were actually able to hold the event out of doors. This, by the way, was a very good thing since my interior was in the process of being painted at the time, and no one could have gotten into it safely.

Just look at that beautiful diaper cake, fabric flowers and pretty painted bottles. These were all put together by my very talented daughter-in-law.

I tried to incorporate pink wherever I could, and when I came across a pink popcorn recipe here I just had to try it. It tasted a lot better than I thought it would.

I had lots of help with food, and since there are so many great cooks in the family I always look forward to trying whatever they bring to any function! As usual everyone out did themselves.

See that lovely tablecloth? My sister-in-law from Atlanta sent that home with me last weekend and it was just the thing I needed to make this all come together.

Of course the baby and mom were showered with precious, adorable gifts.

Each guest wrote a prayer for the baby and hung it on the tree located on the gift table. My daughter is planning on having them mounted in a frame to hang in the baby's room.

Even the little ones oohed and awed at the sweet little dainties.

It really was a wonderful evening, surrounded by family and friends, celebrating the beginning of a new life on a perfect spring evening.

Of course as with anything we do there are kids everywhere, and they really had a blast...

chasing bugs across blankets,

eating sweets galore,

and even enjoying a little baseball.

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