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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little Sewing and a Show Like No Other

My sewing seems to come in spurts. So here is part of  the result of my latest spurt. I've made several diaper bags lately, but this is the only one I took time to photograph.
I also made a few bibs and burp cloths
 This bag I did from a tutorial I found on Pinterest.  It is reversible, and I actually up-cycled the outer layer from a pair of pants. The reverse side is small red gingham. It needed a little something so I embroidered a little flower based off a design I found in this book.

While some of the grandchildren were here they decided to put on a show.  Angel Eyes asked me to stay in the kitchen while they got ready.  Soon everything was set, and they called me into the room.  I was informed that every audience member would get their back scratched during the performance.  

They had a stage set up with props, and upon seating me the promised back scratch commenced.   However, the actress of this one child show, staring Sweet Cheeks,  developed a serious case of stage fright.  

The play was cancelled, and I started back to the kitchen to finish my work.  As I made my way to the doorway the crew began to invite me, gently at first and then more insistently, to fill in and put on a show for them.  I agreed and did an impromptu monolog that brought a great deal of laughter. 

When they saw that I was willing to make a complete fool of myself they began to open up and lose their stage fright.  They all wanted to participate and asked if I would pull out the dress-up box.

Soon they each had a role and I was delightfully entertained for the rest of the evening.

These two put on a fashion show.  

This little nut put on a combination opera/comedy routine.  It was hilarious!

And who knew that Superman played the violin?
"What violin, Mimi?  That was a fiddle!"

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heavenly Harvest Festival

It has been almost two weeks since our church's Heavenly Harvest, and I'm just now getting these pictures posted.  Well, no one ever accused me of being timely.  

Everyone had a great time!  
My daughter-in-law made all of these darling costumes.  I think she did a great job!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More of the Beach

This time I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Beach in October

I love the beach in the fall.  The crowds are gone, along with the brutal summer heat.

It is usually still warm enough for wading around looking for minnows, hermit crabs, and other various sea creatures.

The adventurous types might even  take a splashy jog through the water.  Incase you're wondering, I'm not that brand of adventurous, something about the word "jog" just doesn't appeal to my adventure seeking (or any other) side.  

If you are hot natured, or under 12 years of age you might even swim in October at the beach or at least  have a seat and let the waters wash over your legs.  

 What is it about kids that makes them want to be covered in sand, or if that isn't available, plain ole dirt?  The grands couldn't get enough of it last week.

They had Gran cover them, they covered each other, and then some even covered themselves.  

There was always a hunt going on for some type of critter or treasure.  

Meanwhile, at the beach house there was lots of baby lovin' going on with sweet little baby girls everywhere!