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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Beach in October

I love the beach in the fall.  The crowds are gone, along with the brutal summer heat.

It is usually still warm enough for wading around looking for minnows, hermit crabs, and other various sea creatures.

The adventurous types might even  take a splashy jog through the water.  Incase you're wondering, I'm not that brand of adventurous, something about the word "jog" just doesn't appeal to my adventure seeking (or any other) side.  

If you are hot natured, or under 12 years of age you might even swim in October at the beach or at least  have a seat and let the waters wash over your legs.  

 What is it about kids that makes them want to be covered in sand, or if that isn't available, plain ole dirt?  The grands couldn't get enough of it last week.

They had Gran cover them, they covered each other, and then some even covered themselves.  

There was always a hunt going on for some type of critter or treasure.  

Meanwhile, at the beach house there was lots of baby lovin' going on with sweet little baby girls everywhere! 



  1. Great photos of a treasured time! What an uplifting post!

  2. They are all beautiful, Mindy! Cherish these moments, they will be grown and off to a life of their own before you know it! BUT... those great grands are GREAT too!! Love yall. Can you message me your address?? I have lost the address book I used to have with it in it!

    1. Toni, you are so right! I'm holding every moment as tight as I can, and they are still slipping away. I'll message that address!