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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Needlework with Children

Spidey and Belle spent the night last week, and Spidey wanted to work on a piece of embroidery that he had started on a previous visit.  He's making a surprise for his mom.

Belle saw what he was doing and asked, "Mimi, would you teach me to sew?"  I  quickly drew off a heart on a  little scrap piece of fabric just to give her a feel for it.  

She quickly went to work.

I had no idea how quickly she would catch on.  I showed her a running stitch once, and she was off and running with it.

Here's Spidey showing his work.  I think he's pretending to be camera shy.  

Belle never hesitated until she had the whole heart finished.  I think  it's backwards in this picture.  You can see the knots.  I think this is pretty good work for a 5 year old!

I also think I'd better find her a bigger project next time.