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Monday, May 6, 2013

Everybody Have You Heard?

"Moc...yeah...king...yeah...bird....yeah, Mocking bird....yeah...Everybody have you heard" (in my best James Taylor voice) 
 Okay, what are you laughing at?  Oh, so you've heard me do that voice, and it sounds nothing like James Taylor?  Okay, okay, you are right, but I just couldn't help myself.

My son and grandson found this little baby mocking bird the yesterday.  It had fallen out of the nest and maybe was a little dazed and disoriented, or maybe just very friendly.  He was nothing like his rude relatives that keep trying to prevent the bluebirds from building their nest in the bluebird houses.  He actually seemed to enjoy the attention lavished on him by my sweet little Pooh Bear.

My daughter-in-law and grand-daughter got a close up too.  The little bird didn't even flinch.

Pooh had to examine it very closely.

And finally, he just had to get one really sweet snuggle.

Isn't spring time full of lovely surprises?