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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick P.J.s

The girls are going to camp and needed new pajamas. We looked around and they saw several they liked, but Angel Eyes flattered me by saying, "Mimi, you could make us some! That would be really cool!" Obviously, she isn't aware that my sewing skills still leave much to be desired, and I'm so glad because it just makes my heart sing when they get so excited about anything I make especially for them.

I needed a simple pattern because I had two pair to make and not a lot of time to make them. I looked through my patterns and decided to use this sundress pattern to make the tops and just make a little pair of bloomers to go with them.

I had some vintage Daisy Kingdom fabric that has been

in my stash for years, and I have no idea where I obtained it.


  1. They're gorgeous!(and so are the pyjamas!)

    I think you did a bang up job Mindy.

  2. excuse me while i faint of adorableness. those are fabulous.