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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fair Ribbons

For Angel Eyes nothing quite measures up to winning blue ribbons at the fair. She thinks about it all year long and is always looking for a unusual craft to enter. This year she entered a log cabin her dad showed her how to make. The hard part was keeping it intact in a house with four younger siblings. Somehow it managed to survive, and we are all so glad it did.
She also won a blue ribbon for a woven potholder. As soon as she entered her items she came home and began planning for next year!
I must admit, I enjoy entering too. Now what can I can different next year? I'll bet Angel Eyes will help me think of something.

I don't have pictures, but my daughter-in-law won a ribbon for her red onion marmalade, and my daughter won ribbons in dill pickle, cinnamon roll, and photography categories.


  1. Congrats Mindy on all those ribbons. You go girl! Those ribbons look so pretty on the jars.

    Is everyone in your family talented?

  2. Way to go Angel Eyes!!! I want to enter next year, better find something I can do!!! :)

  3. SO much fun-- winning ribbons at the fair!! Congratulations to all of you!! :-) I didn't get around to entering anything this year-- just seems to have been too busy lately, but you and Angel Eyes have inspired me to start planning for next year myself! :-)

  4. Yes, everyone in her family is just awesome ;)

    Spoken by her favorite niece of course!!

  5. Jennifer, I love this comment! And the fact that in this awesome family is the most awesomest of nieces!!!