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Saturday, October 8, 2011

While Daddy's Gone

I spent a lot of this week with my daughter and her children while her husband was away in Honduras on a mission trip.

We picked up pecans, pockets full of them.

We fed chickens, and Dino chased chickens. "I chased the bok-boks!" he squealed over and over.

We played in the treehouse.

Stumped toes were kissed by Angel Eyes.

Some did a little swinging.

We played farm.

And beautiful bits of nature delighted us in unexpected places.

I tried to sneak in a moments rest whenever I could, but with five little ones around one doesn't do anything solitary.

Which is okay, because with so many around one is always surrounded by love.


  1. I enjoyed this post and your pictures so much. It looks like you had a lot of fun and I just adore what you got up to. I love seeing kids out and about doing actual things!

    It doesnt sound like you missed the privacy and time to yourself one little bit!

  2.  I'm so glad they live in a place where they can get outside and totally be kids, and I'm glad their parents encourage it.  They kept me laughing with their crazy antics, their last game was creating a gourmet pet diner where they came up with elaborate dishes (mud pies) for the critters.   Their imaginations had us pretending the pecans were golden nuggets, and the swing set a pirate ship.  They almost had me believing I could keep up with them, but alas, reality set in, and my body kept screaming my age to me. (although, I got the message it is still screaming today.)