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Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby and Baby Quilt

I have had this quilt made for a while, waiting for this special little boy. He is so cute! Just look at all of that hair! I finally got to meet him and wrap him in his gift and rock him for a little while.

He has two brothers who were very happy to introduce him to me, as were his parents of course. Such a sweet family.

I made the quilt on the serger with a pattern I found here. I omitted the ruffles of course. It was a really neat way to make a quilt and quilt it as you go.


  1. Sweet quilt and baby. Thanks for entering the giveaway. Hope you win!

  2. oh my, so gorgeous, and what a precious little guy! my older four all had hair like that...i gave the boys a haircut straight home from the hospital. :)

    praying for you and your family. thanks, mindy.

  3. That's a lovely quilt Mindy. (and a gorgeous baby as well!)

    I really must try some quilt as you go one of these days!

  4. Thank you for the quilt. It is so special to me, I smile everytime I see it. we will come by and see yall soon :)