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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Angry Birds and Birthdays

Spidey is our only October birthday, and we got together to celebrate.

His mom made the cutest Angry Birds cupcakes, and they tasted divine!

Spidey asked me the other day, "Mimi, can you believe I'm already six years old?" Of course, I can't! This roller-coaster of life seems to be picking up momentum with every second.

Aren't these angry critters just too cute?

It was Spidey and Angel Eyes who had to explain Angry Birds to me a while back. I was hooked for a time, but I have too much going on to play very often, so I have to steer clear of these diving feathered creatures. If you don't watch it they can steal your whole afternoon, and besides, it's okay to let one of these little ones win, but it's frustrating to be totally whipped in a game by your grand-children when you are really trying to win.

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