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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Trip to the Fair

One of the highlights of our year is taking the kids and grand kids to the fair. The grand kids look forward to it all year. I'm not so sure about their parents, but they are good sports anyway.

Angel Eyes always wants to make something to enter each year. So far she has won a ribbon
each year. This year she won two first place ribbons, and as soon as we got home from the fair she started trying to figure out what she can make for next year.

Belle's favorite thing about the fair is the animals.

Pooh was so sweet, even though he wasn't old enough to ride anything but the stroller.

Spidey, Scooter, and Sweet

Cheeks enjoyed it all.

Dino and Thumper were too small to ride so they didn't make it this year.

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  1. I love taking kids to the fair . They're so excited about everything. It's also the only time of the year I eat fairy floss.

    Congratulations to Miss Angel Eyes on her first place ribbons!