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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Great Outdoors, (sometimes)

Sorry for the hiatus I' ve been away enjoying the wonder of nature and the abundance of rain.  We went camping and encountered a little precipitation along the way.  That's okay though because I enjoyed laying under the canopy and reading to the orchestra  of raindrops.  

During the clear times I wandered around  peering at the vast contrast of colors and textures, sounds and smells.  It was great!  

I typically don't like the heat and this keeps me from spending as much time out of doors during the summer months as I do during the other seasons. 

 Yeah, that's wimpy, but I'm just not fond of sweating!  I know, I know southern girls don't sweat they glisten, but call it what you will I would rather obtain my glisten from inner beauty, not outer temperatures.  

Anyway, Little Buddha (an affectionate name given to my husband by a friend of ours) has been after me to go camping with him for a while.   I knew we would be near a very cold stream so I agreed.  I am really glad I gave in this time.  It was 
so relaxing.  

Some of our family came out on Saturday and visited with us at the camp site.  We did a little Dutch oven cooking, trying out a few new recipes and a stand by or two.  To me everything taste better outside.  

I took some photos that I hope I will be able to paint soon.  The light freckling through the woods was really beautiful in the late evening.  I'm not a very good photographer.  When I look at some of my photos I wonder what I was trying to capture.  The one photography rule I know is take lots of pictures something is bound to be keepable eventually.  Occasionally I luck up.

The rain made the stream too muddy to swim most of the time, but it also kept the air from being unbearably hot.

It was a really nice trip and I'm actually looking forward to going back maybe in the fall.

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