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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few days after Sweet Cheeks was born, Angel Eyes got sick.  She had a high fever and the Dr. recommended that if possible she stay somewhere other than home so the new baby wouldn't catch the bug she had.  I brought her to my house and pampered her as any other doting g-mother would do.  Since that time, if she even gets the sniffles she thinks she should come and spend the night with me.  It is a con and we all know it, but it is a con for which we all willingly fall.  Last night was just such a night.

We had fun playing with a toy farm, tree house, and regular house, along with various toy animals, people, cars etc.,  building our own fanciful village of sorts.  A place where firefighters, princesses, and farmers all reside along with lions, zebras, and livestock.  

We had conversations only understood by five-year-olds and indulging grandparents.  At one point Angel Eyes said, "those were the good ole' days, Mimi, when I was four, and three and two."  I burst into laughter, which of course delighted her.

She slept in a tie-dyed t-shirt of mine, and thought it was wonderful.  We had breakfast, homemade waffles per her request, and cowboy coffee.  Now if you are not lucky enough to know about cowboy coffee I will enlighten you.  Our particular version was started by my in-laws with my children, although I can remember a similar ritual with my own grandparents.   My in-laws purchased a special tea set when they were in Europe with very small cups and saucers, a teapot, and individual cream pitchers.  They served the g-kids milk and sugar with a small amount of coffee to flavor it as a special treat when they were visiting. It was always a grand highlight of a visit to their home.

We don't do this every time the  children visit here because they live so close, and it just wouldn't be special if you got to do it all of the time, but from time to time we do and they all love it.

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