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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sewing Blunder

I did a little sewing today.  I really didn't like the results.  However, I love this Joel Dewberry fabric, the color doesn't show clearly, the background is somewhere between chartreuse and lime green, and the grain print is sort of a burnt sienna.  Okay, I am not describing it that great either.  

I tried a pattern that was made for knit.  I decided to enlarge it a little since cotton wouldn't give like knit.  I'm afraid I went way overboard!  It is too gathered.  I'm debating cutting it down and trying again, but I so don't want to do that!  I pulled most of the gathers to the back for this picture and it still doesn't look great.  My other pattern is cut on the bias.  That probably makes things hang better too.  I just didn't think this fabric would look right on the bias.  Now, I wish I'd given it a try!


  1. Do you have a gathered waistband there? Or elastic? I'd take the "excess" gathers out and put in a flat waistband and a zipper for a smoother fit.

  2. It is elastic. If I take out the excess I'll basically have to make the whole skirt again. UGH!! Call me lazy, cause I am. I've been contemplating doing just that, or adding a long ruffle to the bottom and leaving the fullness as if it was supposed to be that way. I really don't need the extra fullness, my body supplies gracious plenty. Thanks for your suggestion. I may just do it. Don't ya hate to make the same thing two whole times and get only one garment?