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Monday, August 24, 2009

Making Dolls

I picked up Angel Eyes this afternoon while the other two took a nap, hoping their mom could shut her eyes for a few minutes.  

A.E. loves to do anything creative, so when I asked her what 
she'd like to do I wasn't surprised to hear, "Let's make something!"  After several options, she decided dolls would be fun to make.  We got out some clothes pins, felt, fabric, buttons, crayons, markers, glue, and needles and thread and started playing. 

I had no idea how this would go, or how much a five year old could really 
do, but the process is often fun regardless.



I put out the 

supplies and we went to it.  She was fascinated with the buttons.  She asked, "Mimi, are you a collector?"  I laughed and admitted that I collect everything.  She said, "You could have a really good scavenger hunt with this stuff!"  I suppose she is right.  

She watched me making a dress out of felt and wanted to try sewing 

herself.  I handed her a needle and thread and she went to work.  She did a pretty nice job for the first time.   Here is a photo of the dress she stitched one side and then asked me to finish the other side.   She glued on hearts, and it turned out really cute.


She also started stringing buttons onto pipe cleaners and made two bracelets and two rings and a really cool belt for one of the dolls.  She designed it all herself, and the ones she made for me really had character.   They are the brown ones pictured above.


After crafting I decided to make some pesto.  I've been seeing recipes on 
several blogs lately.  I've never eaten pesto, but have an abundance of basil so I thought I'd give it a try.  A.E. jumped at the chance to pick the leaves especially when I told her I would let her cut it with the scissors.  We made the pesto and pasta and it was actually delicious!  

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