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Monday, December 27, 2010

Well, I've actually had some time to sew today. I managed to make two little dresses and have three more planned in the near future. However, hope and planning do not a dress (or three) make. Time will tell. I'll post pictures of the ones I did today later, because today I want to share something much more interesting for those of you who like to sew: pocket tutorials, wonderful ones. I'm a lover of the pocket myself, and for me it really adds to the value of an article of clothing to have one or more. If you like pockets and would like to learn how to add them to your clothing with a large variety of styles hop on over to Ikat Bag and check out the great Pocket Series. Almost anything you want to know about pockets you can learn in one of the many tutorials in this series. All my dear little ones are going to be so excited, because they love pockets too. I can't wait to try some of these out. I'm really fascinated by the smocked pocket. I've been too busy with Christmas to even read all of these post, but I have them bookmarked and plan to not only read, but also try several, if not all, of these out. Aren't they all great? She's giving this quilt away as well, so be sure and get your name in the hat to win!

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