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Sunday, December 19, 2010

It is a Good Day

I'm so thankful for the good days in my life. I'm too often found taking for granted what is only mine by the grace of God. Things like a loving family, joy, peace, good health, they aren't a given. There are many who don't have such luxuries and I certainly don't deserve them, but oh, when I stop to think about them and count my blessings it's almost more than I can take.

Counting blessings is almost like receiving the gift of them again. Reliving precious times is akin to multiplying them . Most of us have little memories that we all tuck away in our hearts and seldom take the time to take back out and examine again. When we hit certain milestones sometimes it gives us occasion for reflection. I always find wonderful treasures when I wander down those sentimental roads. Today was one of those days.

My son graduated from college today, it's been a long road for him with more than a few detours, but he arrived at that goal today. As I saw him walk across that stage and receive a diploma while his family wiggled and giggled all around me I realized again that my son is now a man and no longer my little boy. Oh, yes, he will always be that little one in my heart, but he is responsible for other lives now. He's the head of a lovely family, and he takes that job seriously. He's working two jobs, and positively affecting those around him, and I am so very proud of him, but not just because of the milestone that was passed today. I know it was a big accomplishment, but what I'm proud of is the man he's become. I'm thankful that he's compassionate, loving, creative, fun, industrious, generous and a man of God.

I've rewound lots of memories and played them in my head today, and each one is a treasure. The little tow-headed chatterbox with large expressive eyes and charming ways romped once again on the screen of my heart and mind, and thankfulness has flooded my soul that I am blessed to be his mom. Heartfelt congratulations to him!!!

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  1. Congrats to Jimmy! What an exciting time for you and your family!