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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mysterious Letters

I love a handwritten letter don't you?  The fact that someone took the time to write a note to me and mail it always touches me.  I have a friend in Tennessee who writes the neatest letters filled with stories about her neighbors, her flowers, the wildlife on the creek near her home.  I love reading those letters.  Truth be told, I probably still have every hand written note I've ever received, well, except for high school boyfriend notes.  I threw those away years ago.  Anyway, I was really awestruck by these two artist who have decided to send a letter to everyone all 467 people in a small village in Ireland.  You can read about it here.  Very interesting story!  I won't try to retell it because you should really scoot on over there and read it yourself.  You can even see the letters.  I also love mail art.  So if you're inclined doodle up a letter and send it to me, or to someone else.  I would say that counts as an easy random act of kindness.

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