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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth Family Fun

One of the best parts of my life so far was the five and a half years my husband and I spent as a houseparents.  At a very young age, I started at twenty-two, we became "Mom and Pop" to 12 boys at a time in addition to our 18 month old son, and later our daughter.  So even though I only gave birth twice.  I have 16 other sons who will forever carry a piece of my heart.  Two have passed away since that time,  some I have lost contact with, but some have chosen to keep in touch and are still a very big part of my life.  I was blessed to spend time with one of them and his family this weekend.  Each time we are together I am filled with celebration of his life and family, and the joy of being a part of that.  Here he is with his wife, and the little red head in Angel Eye's lap is his daughter.  You can tell Angel Eyes and Scooter love her.  Sweet Cheeks was a little jealous, but was calling her by name and hugging her before they left.

We celebrated all weekend, first at my dad and mom's, then at my daughter's for another meal and fireworks, then home again.