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Friday, July 10, 2009

Sundress and Summer Days

 I had a lot of fun making this cute little sun dress for Sweet Cheeks.  The pattern was a vintage one that I bought at a thrift shop.  The dotted swiss is fabric left over from a dress my mom made for me when I was in the seventh grade, we won't even mention how long ago
 that was!  The bloomers and lining are from a vintage sheet.

A friend found out my fondness for these old patterns and stopped by while I was out leaving me a box of vintage
 children's patterns, yipppeee!!!!  I can't wait to try several of them.  I love the pictures on the older ones so
 much I'd just like to frame the envelopes. 

Isn't that face adorable?   

What about this one?

During snippets of rain we improvise with bike rides on the porch, and bubbles are always fun no matter what the weather, unless your little sister keeps dumping them out and playing in the soap. 

Look at that girl go on that bike!

 The sun finally came out and we managed to get in a swim and a true bike ride.  Sweet Cheeks, who is a ham in every sense of the word, loves the water.  She tries desperately to get out of her mom's arms and swim.  She really thinks she can, and she just might be right.  I took her this afternoon and blew in her face to get her to hold her breath and ducked her, and she LOVED it!!!  She came up giggling, so I did it a couple of more times.  When I stopped she started blowing in my face to let me know she wanted to do it again.  The little 15 month old couldn't get enough.  The only thing was, she wanted everyone to watch and cheer.  She would come up with both fist in the air in a triumphant pose giggling and looking from face to face to make sure we were all being an attentive audience.  Ham!  Wish I had carried the video camera with me!

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