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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have gotten a little sewing done lately.  I made another sunsuit for one of the granddaughters and a skirt for myself.  I'll try and get a model for the sunsuit.  Here is the skirt.  I made it from material left over from the baby sling I made earlier.  

I had fun with some of the grand kids this weekend.  They were all about pretend.  First we were princesses getting ready for a royal ball, then we were robbers holding up a train, then we were on a boat and the captain gave us orders to carry out.  There were other intermittent parts of stoy lines that I couldn't follow, but tried to merrily play along the best I could.  The dress up box came out, which is dwindling down to just scarves, a couple of hats and a boa, because they want to take all of the good stuff home with them when they go.  That's fine, because Scooter usually has on some type costume when I go to visit at their house and I know all of the props get put to good use.  This time even Gran and Rusty, the dog, couldn't escape a little role playing and wardrobe changes. 

 Vivid imaginations make up for lack of good props.  

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