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Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Precious Birthday

I am very blessed with grandchildren!  Sunday we enjoyed celebrating another birthday of a precious granddaughter.  She had so much fun!  It was so adorable to watch her pushing her babies around in her stroller.  Oh, how I wish I could freeze their joy, wonder, and innocence and keep it alive forever.  Since I can't I'll just have to settle for hanging on tightly to each moment I have with them at this stage of life. Isn't the doll cake her mom baked great!


  1. This so takes me back to when I was a girl (err kid cuz I'm still a girl!). I had one of these cakes when I was little and one of my favorite christmas memories is when my sister and I received green buggies for our dolls. I so had my sister in that thing before the day was out! I can also remember my first pair or sneaker sakes and how I felt unstoppable when upgrading to white boot skates a few years later - man I had fun! I too wish at times those days were frozen, or at least had the ability to transport and be re-experienced now. had fun back then I can only imagine what fun I'd have now! Thanks for this lil'trip down memory lane.

    I wish you the best and cherish every moment - Like you do now. :)

  2. Oh, yeah! I'd give anything if I could go back too!