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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Great Gifts!!!!

I've got to show you all the most wonderful gift my sister-in-law and her friend, (of course she's my friend now too!)  made for me.  Isn't it beautiful???  I haven't found the right shams to go with it yet, so I draped a lovely scarf a friend from Turkey sent me over my pillows.  They go pretty nicely together don't you think?  

Our friend sent me home with various other treasures, to many to list out.  I have to share a picture of this one with you.  It is a darling tea set, you'll notice the creamer got turned around, that's because my precious little granddaughter was visiting me and it was just too much of a temptation for her.  I didn't notice when I was taking the pictures, but after I loaded them up I did.  Now look at that angelic little face, do you see the slight hint of mischief in those eyes?

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