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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A few more vacation pictures to share today, most of these are from Monterey, although a few may be from closer to Carmel. I have some out of place I'm afraid. There was so much lovely scenery everywhere we went.

A funny little side note...we drove to Atlanta to fly out with Lucy. On the way to her house we heard at least twice the song It Never Rains in California. Now I couldn't even tell you the last time I heard that song, but it's been ages. We laughed about it, exclaiming to each other how we were just being prepped for what was to come. Instead it was a quirky misnomer, because I think it rained the first three days we were there, at least for part of those three days. It didn't dampen our plans or our good time. Instead, it just added to the diversity of so many contrast of climate and terrain we encountered: rain, snow, sun, mountains, valleys, oceans, orchards, vineyards, fields...the list goes on and on.

There were cute little critters everywhere we went, and they weren't at all camera shy!

Once again, pictured here are the three siblings. One sister didn't make it, and she and her family were sorely missed.

And my sweet sister-in-law, pictured below, who is the self proclaimed manager of the world, she tried desperately to keep the whole crew in line. She was a perfect hostess, cooking for us, cleaning up after us, and attending to all of our needs, making all of us comfortable and right at home. She also led singing in the car as we rode to various destinations and tried to remember words to old hymns. She, unlike the men in the car, appreciated our attempts even when we were off key and each singing a different verse at the same time. Later in the week she bought a shape notes hymnal at an antique shop. Funny thing though, we found not all hymns by the same title have the words we grew up singing.

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