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Monday, April 23, 2012

California Dreaming or Were We Really There?

We've been home from California almost a week, and it almost seems like it was all a dream.

We enjoyed our time so much! We saw some beautiful sights, ate some wonderful food, and enjoyed time with family we haven't seen in years.

I had every intention of blogging about it all as soon as we got home, but when I started going through the pictures I just couldn't narrow them down to just a few. So I may do a mini series of posts on our trip, kinda like the old vacation slide shows of yesteryear. At least you have the comfort of knowing I won't be the wiser if you decide to check out early.

This first set of pictures were taken on our trip to King's Canyon to see the giant Sequoias.

These trees are so big, there just isn't any way to capture the majestic size of them with a point and shoot camera.

As you can see it snowed the day before we got there. The road to the Sequoia National Park was closed, but we were able to see Grant's Grove and those trees were quite impressive!

There were snowballs hurled, a couple of trips down a snow covered bank with an inner tube, a tailgate picnic, and even a little snowman built all in a very pleasant 57 degree afternoon.

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  1. Pictures were wonderful. Glad ya'll had fun. Missed you Sunday.