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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Before we started out to California I wanted to make a little something for my nieces' children.  I knew my sewing time was limited so I looked around at a couple of drawstring bag tutorials and thought maybe I could pull it off before we left.
We filled the bags with marbles, jacks, and a little parachute man for each bag. Please take note that if you are flying jacks could delay your flight as they are not easily recognized today.  They sent the carry on we had these in through the x-ray machine three times and finally opened it to see just what in the world we were carrying.

I love these quirky little rabbits

This is a happy little storybook print

I have a thing for elephants lately, and these are so cute.

And just who doesn't love a Scotty dog?

The boys were are little harder to choose prints for,  I chose a monkey print and a stripe.

The first year we were married my aunt sent my husband and myself little knitted drawstring bags.  She filled them with marbles and we played a game every evening.  We played for keeps, and each of us stashed our marbles where the other couldn't find them before going to bed.  Both of us would plunder around the house trying to sneak into the other's bag the next morning.  I'm not sure which we enjoyed more, playing the game or trying to find the marbles.

I hope my great nieces and nephews have as much fun with theirs as we did with ours.

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