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Sunday, June 13, 2010


My Sundays start at home rushing to get ready for church. It is generally the only time of rushing for the whole day and for this I am glad. I do not hurry well.

Once at church I have a great Sunday School class. I teach the College and Career Class and they are amazingly energetic, encouraging, and just all out fun. I love watching some mature in their faith while others are coming to their own faith for the first time. The birth of faith is a beautiful thing.

After church we have lunch, it varies, sometimes leftovers, sometimes a full meal, sometimes simply sandwiches, and on special occasions and holidays a full sit down meal with family. The latter is my favorite. I am blessed with a wonderful family all the way around, and I actually enjoy their company.

Today my husband cooked lunch for me. He is an excellent cook. Venison salisbury steaks, rice, biscuits, gravy, fresh corn and cantaloupe were on the menu, yummy.

I have great memories of Sundays growing up. My family often went to the beach after church and stayed until the last possible minute that we could and still get home and all shower before the evening service. During the fall and winter my brothers and I would play football in the front yard with various neighbors. Those were happy days with few worries or cares. I sometimes wish I could go back to those times. The closest I ever get to them are peaceful Sunday afternoons.

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