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Monday, June 21, 2010

Double Celebration and a Little Sewing

Along with Father's Dayyesterday, we also celebrated Scooter's birthday.

I call her Scooter because of the unorthodox way she moved about before she could walk. She never crawled, instead she reached out with her right arm while sitting on her bottom, and slung her body forward with the help of her left leg. She propelled herself so quickly I guess we should have called her lightening. Her funny movements reminded me of a hermit crab. If I were tech savvy I could probably up load some video that would be pretty entertaining, but I’m not, (sorry.)

She is way past that stage now, of course, and she moves in the normal way. She loves to dress up and have her nails painted. For a while she was in costume every time I visited their house, and sometimes she had on all of her dress-up gear at the same time in layers.

I made her a dress for her birthday and it turned out nicely. I used Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain fabric and some really cool ruffled ribbon. Her mom told me she wore it all day today, that is up until the time she discovered a huge ditch full of water and decided to take a little dip in it. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that.

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  1. heehee - all her dress up clothes on at once!!
    My baby used to do that too. They love the drama don't they?