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Friday, May 7, 2010

family gatherings

Being part of a large family has added such joy to my life. Some of my favorite moments in life are when we all or any sub-group of us get together and just hang out. With us there is always food involved, and there are many great cooks, (just one of the reasons I have a weight problem.) As our family grows we are having to cut back on birthday celebrations. Instead of an individual party for each person we are combining several birthdays and celebrating together. This week we had one of those special celebrations.

My son to the left and the two grand-daughters on each end were the ones we were celebrating.

Isn't this cupcake butterfly made by my daughter-in-law beautiful? I can't even tell you how delicious it was. So was everything else.

There was lots of witty conversation,

some impromptu ballet,

a little ring around the rosy,

a nap or two, an alligator incident, (I'll leave that to your imagination) babies being passed around, cuddled and kissed,

and just an all around good time. I am really blessed to be related to so many great folks!

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