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Monday, September 2, 2013

First Time Campers

Sweet Cheeks and Scooter's first view of the creek

We have big plans of taking all of our grandchildren camping, but we are not so brave as to attempt taking them all at one time.  A couple of years ago we took the oldest and this weekend we took two more.  It was their first camping trip and the anticipation was great!  Sweet Cheeks backed out the day before the trip.  She got homesick just thinking about being away from her parents and other siblings, but when the day arrived she braved up and decided to go.  They both had a blast and the homesickness did not show up again until we were fifteen minutes from home on the return trip.

The ride was a very long one, but we arrived a little before dark, so they got to scope out the site.  Of course, they wanted to see the creek first.

Scooter is a budding naturalist.  She loves learning about plants, insects, and animals, and her current favorite book is Dr. Doolittle.  

Sweet Cheeks resting after a swim.

They wanted to spend every waking moment in the creek!

"Whatever it was, she did it!"

"Can we get back in the water now???"

We cooked a little in the Dutch ovens, and did a little exploring.  A huge fuzzy red and black ant entertained us for a while.  He moved too fast to get a good picture.

Dragonflies kept drinking water off our skin when we were in the creek, and butterflies were plentiful.  The sweetest lavendar one seemed to follow us everywhere.

We marveled over plants and various flowers while the birds sang to us from overhead.  We tried desperately to escape the mosquitos, but they always managed to out manuver us, so we brought a few bites home with our souvenirs.

They girls wanted to climb every tree they passed.
Gran had lots of help building the fire.

It was too hot to really enjoy the fire, but what is camping without a fire, so we did build one.  We didn't sit around it though.
It was a wonderful trip.  When we asked if they wanted to come back again they replied quickly, "Yeah, tomorrow!!!"

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