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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More Fun at the Water's Edge

What is it about water that draws children?  It doesn't matter if it is a mud puddle, lake, or a watering can sitting on the porch, they seem to be instinctively pulled to it like a thirsty desert traveler.  

There was a swimming area in the lake, but before we could find it little toes were itching to get wet, so we walked down to the lake's edge in front of the cabin and tested the waters. 
"Hey Mimi, there's tadpoles in here!"  (Actually, they were tiny minnows.)
"Can we catch them?"

"Come here, you little squirt!  Let me catch you!"
"Uh-oh!  I slipped. " 

"I shouldn't have laughed when she fell!"

Belle showing Gran her treasures

The dragon flies were plentiful.

We spent the afternoon at a nearby park exploring the old grist mill and playing in the creek.

Afterwards, we came back to the cabin and Gran proceeded to teach Spidey how to grill burgers.  The smoke did a number on him though.   He decided he would wait until he turned ten to try and learn that particular skill.

I am really loving these special times.  I know just how quickly they fly by, and it makes me really want to squeeze the most out of every moment.


  1. What amazing memories all of your grandchildren will forever have of you and Pop!!!

    1. I certainly hope so, Tiffany! I feel so blessed to be close enough to be a part of their lives!