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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Creek

Most of our camping time was spent in the creek.  The creek bottom is covered in rock of various sizes, and all of them are slippery.  I have bruises peppering my body from my many falls. 

The girls loved going up and down the creek, and since they have a much lower center of gravity coupled with a youthful, nimble body, they were able to scurry around much easier than we were.  They both banged their knees a few times, but jumped right up and hustled back and forth like nothing ever happened.

Gran and I used a stick to help us balance in the creek.  Sweet Cheeks and Scooter were tickled pink when Gran cut them one too.

I loved the moments when they were holding hands and helping each other.  

I hope they will always be this close.

Floating down the little ripples was their favorite part.

Happy times!


  1. What wonderful memories these girls are going to have!! ...reminds me of the camping trips Mom & Dad took me & my sisters on when we were young... :-) Did they bring home some rocks? That was a MUST for us! Gosh, I'll bet that water was cold! Where is this spot? It is so pretty!

    1. Gwen, they brought home plenty of rocks! Yes, the water was very cold, but as hot the weather was it felt really nice!

  2. I love those sweet,sweet smiles and the sweet girls wearing those smiles!!!