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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A New Refreshment (for me at least)

Ever since reading this post yesterday on the blog Well Preserved I've wanted to try cleaning my jelly jars with something fizzy. The writers of Well Preserved recommend cleaning the leftover jam from your jar by pouring some club soda in the jar, swishing it around, adding ice and drinking the remains. Of course, this meant I had to empty a jar and since I've been filling them this week instead of emptying them I thought it might just be a while before I got the chance to give this new idea a shot.

Today while making pepper jelly I poured my jelly into handled mason jars given to me by my mother. I did not realize that though the lids fit on top, the rings did not, so I had to empty those jars into others, and while this usually would have frustrated me, this time I was almost excited. I found some sparkling water hiding in the bottom of the pantry so I mixed it with the left over pepper jelly and squeezed in a little fresh lime and took a little tester sip. It was a very different taste, but I liked it. I like the combination of hot and sweet anyway, but I wasn't so sure I would appreciate that mixture in a drink. Now I'm wondering how a little jalapeno slice would be in lemonade? If you need a little something different to wet your whistle this week you might want to t give this odd concoction a try. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. Oh Mindy this sounds so Yummy and not to mention FUN!!! I can just see the children now...Wanting to empty all the Jam Jars... : )