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Saturday, August 27, 2011

After the Whipping We're in a Pickle

Many of you got a kick out of my post about whipping the okra found here. More than one friend has explained to me that the reason this works is that it puts the plant under stress and causes it to go into "fight for your life" mode. I've been told that it does work for other plants as well. Who knew? Surely not me!Well, after the okra decided to start living it's life to the fullest and producing I picked a bucket half full and pickled a batch. The recipe I used was very loosely based on the one by Alton Brown found here. Instead of rice vinegar I used white, instead of dried peppers I used fresh, and instead of fresh dill I used dry. This is a favorite with most of my g-kids. When they all are here at the same time we go through two jars at one meal. So yes, I did put up more than three jars.

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