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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovely Day

Yesterday was such a lovely day. Sweet Cheeks and Scooter came for a visit, and of course wanted to go visit the cows and horses, so we headed that way.

It started out as a nice little stroll,

then progressed to

dancing, skipping, playing,

and just enjoying the day.

Then we encountered this fella, and ekk!!! He wouldn't move! He would not even budge from his place in the middle of the road.

He almost ruined our day!

Thankfully, I had my cell phone with me and called my son who came and rescued us.

Then the sun began to set...

So we all had a popsicle, and everything was better again!


  1. Adorable photos! Looks like a fun day for all-even with the unexpected visitor : )