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Friday, September 24, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Family Birthdays

Congratulations to Liz who won the CSN giveaway! Have fun spending your gift certificate!

We all enjoyed a family birthday celebration for September and October birthdays combined. I know I've said it before, but I truly love my family, every last one of them. Thankfully they love me too, even when I show up at a party looking like a complete clod, such was the case tonight. I have been putting up pear preserves and jelly, and worked until the very last minute tonight, then flew out the door in a tissy, forgetting a gift and the salad dressing I had made, I did remember the salad though. I left with my apron still on, and wore it all night which might not have been so bad, it clashed awfully with my blouse, which I had planned to change too, but didn't. Oh well, like I said, I'm so thankful they love me just as I am, even if they do snicker tonight behind my back for my squirrelly behavior. (I'm sure I would have too had it been one of them.) Happy Birthday to Spidey, Baby Dino, my precious daughter-in-law, and my middle brother. I love you all, and hope God blesses each of you with many, many more birthdays!

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