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Monday, April 5, 2010

Sweet Parts of Sunday

After changing from their Easter dresses the girls set up a tent in my parent's living room and began doctoring my brother's dog with a play veterinarian kit. Of course the kit came with stuffed animals which were the maker's intended patient, but this crew had other ideas.  Poor Attie, after traveling for six hours she had to endure  being poked and prodded by a harem of preschoolers.  She was a really good sport, even when they tied her to the refrigerator.  Thankfully for Attie, they didn't know that dogs don't get their temperatures taken orally.  Notice that Sweet Cheeks has even donned gloves, no medical gloves were at her disposal so being the innovative girl that she is, she uses the oven mitt.

After the vet's office closed Sweet Cheeks decided to give us a shoe fashion show.  You should have seen this two year old walk in her mom's spiked super high heels.  She maneuvered in them much better than I could have.

Angel Eyes and Scooter enjoyed as many stories as my dad could tell before dinner.  Angel Eyes hung on every word.  This girl loves a good story, and my dad is a great story teller.  Some of my fondest memories are of waking early and pattering barefooted down the hall and jumping into bed with my parents and Daddy  telling me story after story.  I'm so glad that my grandchildren are getting to share some of those same stories with him!

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  1. Oh my! how the gals have grown! The pic with your Dad is frame worthy!