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Friday, July 30, 2010

Using What I Have on Hand

I confess I am a fabric hoarder. I buy fabric and if I really love it I hate to cut it. I have fabric I bought to make curtains for my daughter's nursery that has never been cut and she is 25! I have fabric that I have been given, fabric I have bought, thrifted, etc. Some of what I have isn't my favorite so I don't want to make anything out of it. So why don't I get rid of it? I decided this week to start using it up. So I took some small pieces that I do like but didn't have much of and made my daughter a tote, nothing fancy but it works for diapers and what not.

I then took a cool pattern, the church lady apron, my sister-in-law gave me and used up some fabric that I don't really like to make it. It gave me a chance to try out the pattern on something I didn't care if I messed up before I make one out of something I really do like.

Then believe it or not I actually put three pieces of fabric in a give away box! That's a big accomplishment for me! Maybe I'll get back to getting some sewing done again, and if I keep using up what I have I'll be able to straighten up my sewing room and try organizing things in there. It would be great to lay my hands on what I need when I need it instead of wasting time looking for things instead of actually sewing. One day...


  1. OH MY GOD!
    I too have bins + bins + bins + bins + bins + bins + bins + bins you get the idea, of fabric in my studio and I too have some that is over ten years old. mama. it's the sheen, feel, hand, print, texture and idea it conquers that makes me fall in love with it. When I look at fabric, a vision emerges that takes it from being fabric into a moment, an actual moment. Sometimes that moment is a relaxed time outside with sheer floor length shimmery silk that puddles on the hard wood floors and balloons like sails on a boat in the open sea from the wind. ah. the moment. i buy the fabric for that inspired moment - besides it would be perfect for the large glass sliding door that leads outside.right! Then i get home and the fabric sits in the box, not all the time but sometimes. that's because i've already created it, used it for what i intended. buying the piece of fabric acts as a hallmark to that mindscape moment. weird but true.

    I have the idea to put together a show with the fabric remnants hanging on the wall from a hook, the gallery card describes the vision the fabric holds bringing everything into fruition without having to cut into that precious moment. don't get me started about yarn cuz i can say the same for that too - thank you so much for the inspiration.

  2. Stephey, What an awesome idea! You could lay out other cards for viewers to dream up their own creations with your fabric as well. Ultimate recycling!

    I love your descriptions! Of course now I want to go buy more fabric.