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Monday, July 19, 2010

Boy Bambinos

We tried to get some pictures of the little boys together today. It was hard to catch them still and looking in the same direction, even with all the photographers around.

Sweet Cheeks tried her hardest to catch a nice "cheese."

They were both quite curious about each other. It was really quite sweet to watch.
Baby Dino couldn't stand it any longer. He had dive in and show a little love.

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  1. Mindy-you are SO blessed ...as I look at these pictures...how amazing is this???!! These cuties are so huggable...squishable...lovable!!
    I know what you mean about troubled times...they visit us all. It is very difficult for most of us to see the transformative powers of suffering while we are in the midst of it all...but the key to wisdom, change, joy, I think lies in the acceptance of this as part of the human experience. And in the sharing of our stories...This book-Broken Open-is just amazing.