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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grandkid Weekend

So far it has been a really nice weekend.  I got to hold my newest little grandson again when his mom and dad dropped by today.  Isn't he a doll?

Earlier Angel Eyes sewed for the first time on her new sewing machine.  She made her baby sister, Sweet Cheeks, a pillowcase for her birthday.  She used some vintage Strawberry Shortcake material from my stash.  

Then she baked my favorite Weight Watcher's  recipe.  Chocolate/pumpkin cupcakes.  Easy and good no matter how gross this combination may sound it's really tasty!  

Sweet Cheeks played Mommy with her doll, and alternated chasing the dog and complaining that he was chasing her.  She loves to get little Rusty in trouble.  

A picnic outside was in order since the weather was so great.  We'd already eaten lunch so we took a snack and a blanket and some books and enjoyed the loveliness of the day.  

Today Scooter will join us, and our plans include building a miniature treehouse out of popsicle sticks and various found objects. 

If we finish I'll post a picture soon.

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