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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Child Filled Days

Sorry for the lapse in blogging.  I've been busy with g-kids.  

Our daughter-in-law is expecting and I was blessed to get to keep her two little sweethearts one afternoon so she could get some rest.  Those early months of pregnancy can be rough!

Our new little guy is so good, but as his mom is recovering she can't pick up Sweet Cheeks' and that little rascal is into everything, so I've been going over there to help her out. Just look at those beautiful blue eyes...so innocent... well innocent looking anyway.

It has been a child filled week, but what fun we have had!  

I must confess I am very tired, and I certainly know why God gives babies to young people as a general rule.  

This ole' body has a hard time keeping up. 

 I thought I would share just a few pictures from our week.  The one of me was taken by the five year old.  Can you tell?

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