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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Farmer's Market and 4 Generation Lunch

Friday morning early my daughter, who I need a bloggy name for, called to see if I wanted to ride with her to my mom's and go with them and the girls to the Farmer's Market at a town close by.  I've heard a few friends talking about the market and I said, "sure, if you can have me home by 1:30."  So she picked me up and we headed to my mom's, and then to the market.  Upon arrival we saw a large sign announcing "Farmer's Market 4 p.m."  So we decided to do the only logical thing find somewhere and eat. 

 We settled on a favorite sandwich shop/bakery, and munched and gabbed and laughed at the girls, especially Sweet Cheeks who grabbed for her sister's pickle and chomped away, then came the face, followed by another bite and another face.  She wouldn't give it up but every bite had a face.  She's such a funny little girl.  

It isn't often all four generations get together for lunch.  It was really nice.  


  1. Loving the pickle pictures!!! Too funny!

  2. What fun!
    Sweet Cheeks may need to be renamed Pickle Face!