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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Painting Party

It was a gorgeous day here in Alabama. An unseasonably cool, spring day with a touch of a breeze, it was the kind of day you want to have over and over again. My daughter, the girls and I had visited my parents a couple of days ago, and my dad was painting a Western landscape.  The oldest one was enthralled  and really wanted to paint with him, but it was time for us to go so we didn't really have time for an impromptu painting lesson.  I promised that if they could wait until Wednesday we would have a painting day.  They have been talking about it ever since.  The oldest one has been watching painting shows on PBS.  I set up a couple of table top easels outside and got out the paints.  They weren't content with paper, they really wanted a canvas like Pepaw had.  You can't slip anything over on kids these days.  Before long they asked me to get out the camera so they could do their own painting show.  They even wanted to shoot their own commercials.  They are quite the little hams!  How do you like the picture of the tornado, house and the little girl who lives there, and the cross.  There is a cute little story that went with that one, but it doesn't sound the same when I tell it.

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