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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Canning Roasted Tomato Sauce

The tomatoes here finished up early due to an abundance of rain.  However, before the rain took over the crop, making them split before they ripened, I canned some roasted tomato sauce.

I was inspired by the post I found here.

I added a mixture of herbs from my little herb garden, mostly basil, chives, and oregano to their basic ingredients.  I also made sure that I had enough vinegar added to provide the acid needed to can tomatoes.  
This picture was taken this spring.  My herbs  have grown like crazy since then and  I'm  looking for ways to use all I have!

This method was so much easier than the one I have used before, and I love the flavor of the roasted tomatoes.  The house smelled wonderful while this was in the oven!
If you haven't ever tried making homemade tomato sauce this is a great method.  Give it a try.

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