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Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Ingredient Magic

The longer I go without posting the harder it is for me to post. However, I found something post worthy last night. It is not my original idea, I've actually seen it more than once on other blogs, but just in case you've missed it I'm going to share a super simple recipe that entertains and taste good too. Actually, I'm not stealing anyone's thunder. I'm just going to give you a link and let you hop on over to Skip to My Lou and learn, like I did, how to make your own magic ice cream topping. Your kids will be impressed and you may even impress yourself. It just takes two ingredients and a microwave. How much easier does it get than that?


  1. Oh How Fun!!! thanks for sharing.. :)

  2. I had missed that and I am impressed. Thanks for sharing the link!

    Some days I dont feel like posting either. It's your blog Mindy - do what suits you.