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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reminiscing Christmas

I have had so much going on during Christmas I haven't even paused to post anything Christmas related. No matter how I try to slow down and simplify during this blessed season I always find myself in a flurry. Most of it is wonderfully, special happenings, but it can still get overwhelming.
In all of the celebration I don't ever want to forget what it is that I'm celebrating. Each year I when I think of the Christmas story my mother's heart goes to Mary. I can't imagine the tidal wave of emotions she must have went through. Her expectations surely must have been different than the way her life turned out. I also think of Joseph and the battle that must have risen in him whenever doubt plagued his mind. I think of those things each year.

This year, though, I couldn't get the shepherds out of my mind. How do you suppose their lives were changed after an angel encounter and hearing the perplexing truth that the Messiah was born in a stable. They actually witnessed the scene, and after it was all over, what then? Did they go away different? Did it change the course of their lives? Were they still alive when Jesus started His ministry thirty years later? I really wish I knew.

What of us? We read the story and sing the carols, but have we truly been changed by that long ago birth, life, death, and resurrection? Some people see it only as a sweet Christmas story, part of a tradition of Christmas. Oh, I hope it is more than that to you! It is the truth that rocked the world then, and it still does today. God's only Son sent to live a perfect life and willingly lay it down in order to pay the price for the sin of mankind. We owe Him everything!

The wonder of Christmas is that we can all be changed, made new, born again. So we can celebrate that all year long! Merry Christmas!


  1. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh My GOODNESSS!!!!! I can't tell you how EXCITED and Well SILLY!! I feel... You should see my last comment back to you... I think I ask you 5x's are you SERIOUS!!! How in the World did I NEVER figure this out!!! this is just WAY To Much,,, BUT what a TREAT to say the LEAST... Okay I just want to JUMP in my car and go give you TWO girls the BIGGEST hugs ever... I feel like I am on one of those old Vintage game shows "This is your life" and behind the curtain are you and Mega... Oh My GOODNESS!!! I still can't get over this... You mean I have been coming here all this time NEVER knowing you were ( well are )Megans Momma.... I can't believe I never put it together... Did you guys ever mention it to me... Well even if you did it's obvious I wasn't Paying attention LOL!!! This is just WAY WAY WAY to funny.... Wait until I tell the Children and my husband... So in the picture up top are Megans Girls (right) Okay I only have pictures of them on our Fridge from last year and this year How did I not recognize that... Is this just not a HOOT!!! My poor husband is going to have to hear me say a 1000x's over "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT".... Oh my goodness!! Okay I got go tell them before I BURST!!!!

  2. We will all three be giggling all night, right??? I doubt we mentioned it. I guess we just assumed you knew. Yes, those are Megan's three oldest girls. It's an old picture, and I need to update it to one with ALL of my grandkids, but this picture just sort of embodies what I want my blog to be about, just a homebody doing homey type things with family. Now go back a few post and you'll see Megan and her hubby in the Christmas parade. Your going to keep going back and laughing when you see all of the pictures now that you know who they are. Megan will have to fess up that she is the famous or infamous Okra Whipper's daughter! I'll be laughing all night!