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Monday, February 21, 2011

This Weekend

Angel Eyes spent the night Friday night, and we started out with a few sewing lessons, which she loved, that is until the machine decided to act up and spoil all of our fun.

"Hey Mimi," she said, "since we can't sew right now, can we go kayaking?"

It was a gorgeous day so off we went.

"This is really fun! Can we do it for a long time?"

When I finally paddled us to shore she stayed in the boat.
"Mimi, next time I really think I could go in the kayak by myself!"

"Hey, let's pretend this is a jungle and we are scientist on an adventure!"

"Ouch! Those little, sharp things hurt!"


  1. She is so sweet and imaginative!!! I'm sure the two of you would wear me out!!! haha! Glad you had another wonderful time with one of those angels!

  2. That she is, Tiffany! They wear me out too, but it sure is fun!